Hospice Level of Care

There are four levels of care in Hospice.


Routine Home Care
  • Care is provided by the hospice Interdisciplinary Team in the patients’ places of residence (home, assistant living, nursing facility, etc.).
Continuous Care
  • Care is provided in the patient’s residence.
  • Care is offered for brief periods during a medical crisis. Medicare has specific requirements for what is considered a “crisis”  This is a very short term care alternative and requires medicare approval.
  • Care must be provided for a minimum of 8 hours out of a 24 hour period.
Respite Care
  • Care is offered to caregivers.
  • The patient is placed in a contracted nursing facility, contracted hospital, or an inpatient facility, for up to 5 consecutive days.
  • Medicare has specific requirements and limitations on the frequency of Respite care. Also limited by contracted bed availability.
In-Patient Care
  • Care is offered to patients, whose symptoms are unmanageable at home.
  • Care is short-term; typically less than 8 days.
  • Care is provided in a contracted hospital, contracted nursing facility, or an in-patient facility.
  • Medicare has specific requirements for In patient care. This therapy is severely limited by Medicare requirements and contacted bed availability.
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