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Golden Rule Hospice Services

At Golden Rule Hospice, our goal is to provide kind and holistic support to patients and their caregivers.

Our services support the body, the mind and the spirit, offering dignity and compassion.

We Provide Hospice Services in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area

Family & Caregiver Support

We provide the social and spiritual support that the patient and family need during this time. This includes counseling from our chaplain, help with bereavement, and a variety of companionship and therapy services performed by our trained volunteers.

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Physical Support & Management

Our providers will work with the patient, the family, and the patient’s physician to make sure that all choices are respected fully and that the transition from life is as comfortable and dignified as possible.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

We had a wonderful experience with Golden Rule Hospice. I can't say enough wonderful things about our nurse, Meghan Moore. She was extremely attentive, caring, and responsive during our time with Golden Rule. She made sure our transition off of hospice was incredibly smooth as well, along with the office staff. She is a true gem and I highly recommend GR.
Vivian Robinson is a very excellent CNA. I've worked with her a little over 6 years. Very great personality, very compassionate and patient care centered. Always go the extra miles and leave her clients smiling. Golden Rule is very fortunate to have a CNA like her. Golden Rule thank you for all your services 💜
I worked with Samara at Holbrook she always come to work in good sprit ready to work she’s a hard working person very reliable when every you asked her for helps she never tells you no! She take very good care of her patients!
Samara is dedicated caring and loving hospice aide. I notice she goes above and beyond for her patients, they are lucky to have her! She is a good asset to her Company. Good Job Samara! Good Job Golden Rule Hospice!!!
Samara is so great with patients makes them feel part of her family. She is the best ever!! We absolutely adore here!
We had a wonderful experience with Golden Rule Hospice throughout my dad’s illness and especially in his last difficult days. Vivian R was top -rate - a consistent, loving presence for dad and for my sister and I. From the nursing staff, social worker, amd chaplain staff, Golden Rule made this tough time a little easier.
Golden Rule Hospice was by our side during the most difficult time near my fathers end of life. I live out of town and they kept me constantly updated about his condition and made sure I made it to see him before his transition. Vivian Robinson was compassionate and caring when my family needed it the most. The professional and caring staff at Golden Rule are angels on earth.
Shout out to Chandra Anderson for being a awesome hard worker . She’s very sweet and caring with her patients.
The hospice Aide Samara Whynn is caring, attentive and very compassionate, great at problem solving and makes everyone comfortable around her.
Shamille R. is a pleasure to work with! She is competent with everything she does for me and answers my questions clearly.Helen J.
We wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to Minnie Baker. Thank you for taking great care of Richard Tucker, Jr. during his in-home hospice care and last days of his transition. You are incredibly kind, compassionate, hard worker and professional person of whom Golden Rule Hospice should be proud. We highly recommend her because she care about her patients and their well-being.Thank you,Mrs. Barbara Tucker and Family
Mrs Minnie Is the BEST Care Giver in the world!!! Golden Rule Hospice is Blessed to have her on your team! She is very patient, she goes above and beyond and she is always pleasant! She deserves a raise!!!
I've worked with Golden Rule Hospice for over 7 years now. I'm currently the Administrator at Montclair Personal Care Home. Vivian R. is one of the most caring, professional, and patient CNA I've had the pleasure of working with. She exemplifies excellence and love for the work that she does. It's a pleasure working with Vivian R. -Golden Rule Hospice.
Minnie comes every MWF and is an extremely hard working and delightful nurse. I am very thankful for Golden Rule and Minnie!
The CNA Chandra Anderson is an outstanding worker. She takes pride in her work while working with her patients making sure they are well treated and taken care of
Samara is a great addition to Golden Rule Hospice, she’s compassionate, dedicated, and patient. Thanks for all you do, Samara and continue to effortlessly brighten the day of the families you interact with.
I am the MCC at Brickmont of Roswell, I have been working with Golden Rule Hospice for a few months, I am impressed and pleased by the way they do things, they are very professional. Overall I am satisfied with their service. Vivian R my staff is pleased with the service that you provide, you are a hard worker and it shows with every visit.
I absolutely love Vivian Robinson! She is the most amazing person you could ever meet! Vivian takes great care of our residents here at Legacy Ridge at Marietta! She never falls short on care! She always communicates with me and my team! The residents love her so much! Golden Rule has a winner with Vivian!Signed a happy Executive Director!🥰
The entire Hospice team was absolutely wonder in how they cared for my friend, Miss Elaine J. Her Hospice caregiver, Vivian R. was very caring and compassionate as she came in to bathe and dress her. Vivian always took her time and never rushed to complete her tasks, even going beyond what was expected.
I am a staff member at Atria North Point. I am writing this message for Ms. Ernest Reyon because it’s hard for her to type on the phone. She has appreciated the Excellent Care V. Robinson has provided. Resident mentioned “ I Love her personality and wit. And she makes me laugh. The conversation we have, are wonderful! I also love my nurse Penny. She makes sure I have everything I need.” Thank you Golden Rule!
V. Robinson. Is the hospice aide at Phoenix at Milton she takes good care of her residents. They look good and smell good she is amazing. The whole team is great. Golden Rule Hospice is at the top of my list.
Thank You! It's hard to put into words the care that Nurse Vivian R. and the members of the hospice team provide each and every day. The professional care, service and human side of Vivian's R. work was demonstrated on multiple levels. It is without a doubt that the latter months of care for JG was more than one could have expected. I am thankful for your work as well as the staff that provides care daily to their patients and the family members - Thank You.
Vivian Robinson has been assisting my uncle Rodger for a while now. I get updates after each visit. Everyone at Golden Rule Hospice has been very helpful, from getting started, to the regular ongoing care my uncle is receiving today. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Would like express that Vivian Robinson Hospice Aide gave excellent care to my residents here at Golden Rose Pch!! Thanks to Golden Rule Hospice for sending Vivian!!
The hospice CNA Samara Flynn, is a great assistant and asset to Golden rule hospice. She is very cordial and has a great memory. 👍🏽, i would recommend Samara to any parient of mines.
Samara Flynn is one of the best hospice aids I have worked with . She has great communication and is very reliable. Keep up the good work.
Samara is so wonderful l, she’s such a sweetheart, Thank you for all you do.
Samara is absolutely lovely. She is so professional and caring!! I recommend this hospice for your family needs. 10/10
Samara is the Most wonderful hospice caregiver with excellent customer service. She’s on time to her assignment, and her clients can depend on her. She takes really good care of her clients as well with the way she gets them ready for the day. She also has a good caregiver/client relationship, with her care she provides safety. Any patient or client will be happy to have her assistance.
Roudy F.

Denise N.

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